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Modern Technology

Care One Security only uses the most efficient and reliable medical alert systems on the market today. Our product specialists keep up with the technology in an everchanging market so that our clients always have the most modern technology available. 

Personal Service

Care One Security values every customer as unique.  We do our homework to make sure that each individual gets the service and system that works for them. 24/7 dedication means we are always here for our customers.


All employees at Care One Security are well trained and knowledgeable about the medical alert market. We know what works and we know what our customers want. We pride ourselves on providing answers to all  customer questions. 


The Care One Security team includes employees who have worked in the alarm and security industry for over 25 years, and in the health and patient care industry for over 15 years. Our perspective includes an industry perspective like no other. With our vast experience, we can offer the most efficient product and the most trustworthy care to our customers.

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