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Voice Emergency Button

With our Voice Emergency Button, you can reach our 24/7 monitoring station just with your voice - no need to push a button.

$10.00 per month

Additional Pendants

What if there is more than one person in the house? The answer is an additional pendant.

$5.00 per month

Fall Detection Pendant

The perfect add-on for Basic and Home packages. It detects when you have fallen and immediately notifies our 24/7 monitors. If you cannot speak, help will still be sent.

$10.00 per month

Lock Box

With a lock box attached to your door, emergency responders can get into your home, without damaging the door. The key is put into the box and the lock box is attached to you door.

$2.00 per month

Adaptor for doors with handles

This adaptor fits onto the lock box, and allows it to be used on doors with handles rather than knobs.

$0.50 per month

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